Thursday, 6 February 2014

6 Best Exercises To Lose buttocks area


1- Begin this exercise by standing on hands and knees, and the point of view of your hand and try to make your shoulders in alignment and start lifting your knee and foot supply as in the picture with repetitions on each foot 

2 - Begin this exercise by standing with the supply of hands horizontally at shoulder level and then the big step to one of your feet forward with go down to the bottom until you reach the point that your knees in a 90 degree angle when you reach this situation wrap amid slowly in one direction right-handed or left and then back to put the middle and the last step is to stand up straight again I must repeat these steps more than once after .

3 - This exercise needs to weightlifting - you can get the weights by empty water bottles and fill them with sand - midst bend forward with weights, as in the picture and then as you stand upright and repeat this movement more than once .

4 - In this exercise, you should stand open slot feet slightly larger than the width of the shoulders on the outskirts of the feet, as in the picture and then you go down on your knees and then stand back to back with the repetition also

5 - You must use a chair in this exercise so that it puts your hands and you stand upright and then lifting your foot behind the 45-degree angle and then bring them back to earth again with repetition in both feet

6 - Lie down on the ground, put your hands by your side and then lift your midst, as in the picture Wait 5 seconds and then lie down on the ground again, and so repeated more than once

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How to burn calories and lose weight fast


Best exercise to burn calories and lose weight fast

A total of exercises and activities that make weight decreases and burn calories 
A variety as possible to choose what suits us from them. 
Best Exercises to lose weight ( Exercises to burn calories ) 
There are many sports activities to do in order to burn calories. 

- Aerobics exercises from one of the activities that help an individual to lose weight . 
How many calories are burned varies depending on the impact of exercise , but the average is usually between 295-604 per hour. 
- A bike ride from other exercises that contribute to burn calories . 
How many calories are burned varies depending on the intensity of use and the type of bike user , but the average is usually between236 - 1380 per hour. 
- Dancing 
Some may wonder of the sport but it is beside it burns calories to maintain body weight , they are considered sport entertaining at the same time . 
Dancing helps to burn from 177-388 calories per hour. 
- Brisk walking 
Burn 604 calories per hour, and running where the greatest usefulness burn km greater than 1550 calories per hour .. However, it is difficult to continually the same speed over time to achieve this rate of burning calories . 
- The sport of basketball or handball 

Burn 1000 calories per hour. 
- The practice of the sport of swimming. 
Burn between 236-949 per hour, depending on the type of swimming that are exercised. 
- Play Tennis.
Burn approximately 690 calories per hour. 
- Normal walking 
Burn between 148-690 calories per hour, and up the stairs to burn the highest number of calories. 
- The activities of self-defense 
Such as judo , karate burn approximately 863 calories . 
Other ways to burn calories : 
It is possible to burn calories rights through the exercise of daily activities , and it is not confined only to the practice of physical activity and examples of these activities : 
- Reform of the car could burn 259 calories per hour. 
- Take care of the child works to burn 302 calories per hour. 
- Household chores burn anywhere between 148-388 calories per hour. 
- Cooking burn 216 calories per hour. 
- Gardening burns 431 calories . 
- Play a musical instrument even burn 259 calories per hour. 
Tips to burn calories : 
- Man burns calories all the time , but the calories that are burned during physical activity are given the greatest installment to maintain a healthy weight . 
- Whenever the practitioner intensive activity and the movement , the more rates were calories are burned is higher. 
- Trying to burn calories through exercise movement per day ( routine activities ) , and not just rely on physical activity . 
- If a person is dependent on physical activity to burn more calories must choose the sport that he loves. 
- In order to lose weight for the human must burn more calories than intake through foods , so I have to take care of how much calories that are consumed .

The Best Way To Rapid Loss

You will find all information about The BEST EXERCISE TO LOSE WEIGHT
Now we will talk about Meals suitable for Loss

Eating 2 cups of water when you wake up from sleep


Toast diet +3 Albumen boiled eggs

1 grapefruit or an orange

After two hours between breakfast and lunch

A large glass of water + orange or apple 

Between lunch and dinner

A large glass of water + apple or orange 


A large glass of water + any quantity of meat or chicken or fish Grilled or boiled or cold + vegetables or salad

Monday, 20 January 2014

The road to Best Exercise to Lose Weight

More people search every day about best exercise to lose weight but in fact but in reality it is due to a poor diet and a lifestyle without exercise and when you are just starting to exercise to lose wight immediately not correct.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight  :  Interval Training

Interval training suggests switching between higher intensity exercise with low intensity recovery periods. By adding higher intensity intervals, you can build endurance and burn more calories. For example, if you use a treadmill, change the speed and incline regularly during your workout. Do not just stick at one speed and incline for the whole time. You can use any machine with this method or you can do it outside with something like hill sprints.

 Best Exercise to Lose Weight  :  Supersets

Supersets are another best exercise to lose weight. A superset is an advanced training method in which you do two exercises (or sets), one after the other, with no rest in between. They can even be completely different, for example a strength exercise followed by a cardio exercise. The idea is to do one exercise and, instead of resting and doing another set, doing a different exercise and alternating those exercises for your desired number of sets. Supersets not only help you lose weight, they also save time, add intensity and help you bust through weight loss plateaus.

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Best Exercise to Lose Weight  : Strength Training

Strength training is the best exercise to build lean muscle and raise your metabolism. It is important to raise your metabolism because it is responsible for how quickly or easily you gain and lose weight.

The best exercise to lose weight when strength training is to target more than one muscle group at one time, like squats, lunges, push-ups and pull-ups.

Changing your training routine is an integral part of the success your workouts but it shouldn't be drastically different every single time. If you are all over the place on each workout and never try to repeat and improve on specific exercises for specific set and rep schemes with specific rest intervals, then your body has no basis to improve on its current condition.

The best exercise to lose weight is to continually improve on a specific training method for a specific time period, which is on average 4-8 weeks. This usually works best as your body will adapt to the specific training method and after 8 weeks progress will slow down so it is time to change your workout routine.

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